Gear I use

To get the best photos possible, you will need the best gear possible. 


Camera: Sony A7R2

The Sony A7R2 is the latest camera I bought and it is truly a big step up from the Canon 500D I started out with. It is as if Sony decided to make a camera specifically for landscape photographers. The high 42 Megapixels, the enormous dynamic range, the electronic view finder, built in level etc. makes this the perfect tool for me right now. 


Lens: Sony FE 24-70mm 2.8 (SEL2470GM)

This covers a great range of focus lengths and is becoming my workhorse lens. Apart from the convenience of being a zoom (so you don't have to switch prime lenses back and forth) what I find most amazing is the resolution and sharpness of this lens. It is truly one of the best lenses I ever had.